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A little ABOUT myself

I believe art is a form of communication. It enhances our world and challenges our minds.

Art is much more than pieces in a museum and designers bring art into our everyday experiences.


My studio is in our Victorian home in the heart of Latrobe, PA. I’ve lived in eight different states throughout my life and am so happy to have settled in this wonderful little town.


Gardening is something I truly enjoy. Digging in the dirt and planting flowers is the opposite of graphic design. It’s physical, imprecise, and messy.


I earned my Bachelor Degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then I’ve accumulated over 25 years of graphic design experience.


Graphic design isn’t about the artist who creates it. It’s about problem solving. Successful design meets the objectives of the customer by offering creative new ways to communicate their message and ultimately increase interest in their business or organization.